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                          歡迎來到北京康高特 - slogan English 中文





                          • 產品詳情
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                          Insulation resistance measurement:
                          ?selected test voltage: 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 V,
                          ?continuous indication of insulation resistance or leakage current,
                          ?automatic discharge of capacitance of tested object after the insulation resistance measurement,
                          ?acoustic signalling of five-second periods to facilitate obtaining time characteristics,
                          ?indication of actual test voltage during the measurement,
                          ?protection against measuring live objects,
                          ?three-lead measurement.
                          ?Continuity measurement of protective and equipotential conductors according to EN 61557 - 4 with the >200 mA current

                          Low-voltage circuit continuity and resistance measurement:
                          ?circuit resistance measurement (<1999 ) with the <15 mA current,
                          ?quick sound signal if circuit resistance is below 30Ω.
                          ?Capacitance measurement during the RISO measurement
                          ?Measurement of alternating and direct voltages in the 0...600 V range.
                          ?Power supply: 4 AA disposable or rechargeable batteries, monitoring of power supply voltage.
                          ?Meter conform to EN 61557.

                          Electric safety:
                          ?type of insulation: double, according to EN 61010 - 1 and IEC 61557
                          ?measurement category: IV 600 V (III 1000 V) according to EN 61010 - 1
                          ?protection class acc. to EN 60529: IP67

                          Other technical specifications:
                          ?power suply: 4 alkaline batteries or or battery package Ni-MH
                          ?weight: ~1 kg
                          ?dimentions: 220 x 100 x 60 mm
                          * 常見問題 *